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Slitter with top web passage path SRP1010

The new SRP 1010 is a TOTAL GREEN slitter rewinder thanks to an innovative electro-mechanical system for mother roll lifting . It fully belongs to the Ecosystemac Philosophy because it has been projected as “TOTAL OIL FREE” machine, synonymous with high environmental compatibility and energy saving. It has the particularity of having a “close loop” shot handling that guarantees the maximum accuracy of rewinding.
Equipped with an indipendent vertical Shaftless unwinding group connected to the machine with top web path, the SRP works optimally: paper, aluminium, plastic films and laminates.

This slitter rewinder has been chosen by Polygraphic Mint: read more.


Standard Equipments

Independent unwinding group “Shaftless” type.
Special rewinding cores “Laser positioning aid system”.
Asynchronous A.C. motors.
Fully computerized system for the machine managing.
Twin slitting systems with oscillating razor blades and shear circular blades.
Special automatic and computerized system to control the weight of the lay on rolls used during the rewinding phase.
Unloading side fork system
Unwinding web tension control managed by A.C. asynchronous servo vector motor driven by fully digital Inverter
Semi-automatic splice table group
with air vacuum system with two indipendent vacuum plate (top and bottom) managed by PLC unit.
Remote machine check-up with ethernet connection.



Full digital close flux vector inverters manage all A.C. Asynchronous Motors.
PLC (programmable logic controller with “on board” ETHERNET connection for the supervision and remote assistance of all machine statuses) with man / machine interface implemented via industrial Panel PC IP 65 fanless, Touch-Screen 15.6”, 4GB Ram, Intel 2.0 Ghz. QuadCore Windows 10 IoT 64 bit on SSD.
Machine is able to store all work parameters as “work menus” for an extremely quick and sharp machine setting avoiding errors and downtime.


Automatic shear circular blade units positioning system.
Fully automatic “Laser” core positioning system driven by “Brushless” motor with computerized set up managed by “Touch Screen” unit.
Fully automatic ended rolls “push out” system for top and bottom rewinding stations.

Technical features SRP 1010

Working width mm 1.000-1.300
Max batch roll diameter mm 1.000-1.200-1.500
Max rewound rolls diameter mm 1000
Minimum slitting width mm 20
Max axial displacement of batch roll mt/min +/-75
Max slitting speed mt/min 800
Tickness µm 20-50