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All Temac slitter rewinders can be equipped and adapted to the particular needs of the customer, here Temac suggests the most appropriate slitter rewinders  for each particular type of material and the various applications related to it, thanks to its great experience and design ingenuity. You can rely on us and our know-how simply by indicating what your sector of interest is.

Flexible packaging

By flexible packaging we mean a thin packaging, generally printed, made up of film. Find out more.

Rigid packaging

By rigid packaging we mean a generally transparent packaging, made up of composite materials. Find out more.

Plastic and paper labels

Packaging labels are essential to clearly communicate the content of a product.

Wine labels

Wine labels condition the public in their choice and communicate the values of the manufacturer. Find out more.

Adhesive labels

Adhesive labels are used to quickly label bottles, jars, cans and other containers. Find out more.


Papers are used for wrapping, packaging, as well as for graphic uses for printing books. Find out more

Hygiene and medical

Temac offers a cutter for cutting diapers, personal care, masks, surgical drapes. Find out more.


Temac offers the cutter suitable for cutting cigarette paper. Find out more.

Renewable energy, transport

High-performance films are used in the production of carbon fiber, fluorinated polymers, adhesive tapes. Find out more.

Cosmetics, fashion, design

Temac proposes the cutter for the foil for hot stamping, polyester film or in pigmented or laminated polypropylene. Find out more.