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massimo cerliani

“Slitter engineering” is our essence: design is our operating philosophy, a harbinger of genius and creativity.
We are always ready to listen to the needs of our customers and to design new solutions that satisfy them.
The customer is our valuable partner. We believe that the most creative solutions, the small construction or software improvements so appreciated today, started from the ideas and requests of our customers. A slightly larger unwinding diameter, a relocation of the unloading station, an automatic weight management, an extra pointer to facilitate the operator. From the simplest modifications to more important designs, our modus operandi is listening, followed by the feasibility study and concrete implementation.

All slitters, if only the main technical parameters are considered, look the same, but it’s the details that make the difference. In our case, the starting point is always the customer and in particular the machine operator of the slitting department. It is by listening to the end users, those who use the cutter every day, that in the course of our experience, we have improved some aspects, introduced simple but decisive details, to meet their needs. And so each slitter is enriched with ad hoc solutions, so much so that each one has particularities, which make it unique.

We are reliable

Our products meet the highest reliability and performance requirements, guaranteeing high efficiency and continuous innovation in the sector.
Since 1999 we have been a reliable partner who believes in quality and does not compromise. Over the years we have achieved an increasingly high percentage of loyal customers. We stay with our customers thanks to:

  • efficient spare parts service
  • qualified on-site or remote technical support

We are ecological

We have made our environmental commitment by designing and manufacturing the Ecosystemac series which guarantees high added value in terms of production performance and eco-sustainability.

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