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Temac S.r.l. strongly believes in the importance of after-sales assistance. We want to be always present towards our customers and, when problems arise, we take prompt action to resolve them. To guarantee excellent customer support, a team of highly competent people must be constantly updated on several topics.
Our team is the first point of contact with customers, so it is essential that it is made up of excellent specialist who are able to speak multiple languages, have competence with the logic of industrial automation, software programming and mechanical design on the whole range of Temac products.
In addition, our team must have good knowledge of the different procedures utilized by customers and the related materials processed.

How to contact us
Through our telephone switchboard (+39 0331 661204) our mobile number (+ 39-347-7451 869) or through the two dedicated email addresses (automation@temac.it e service@temac.it), customers can interfacing directly with a technician to whom expose their problem: depending on the case, a remote intervention is carried out remotely via remote diagnosis, or, if necessary, an on-site intervention is arranged.
We remind customers that, in order to open a service, it is necessary to provide their company name, the model and the serial number of the machine (aluminum plate on the carter) and a reference person, who will have to explain the problem.

Technical assistance hours
To request Technical Assistance
Office hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm / 13:30 pm – 17:30 pm
Technical assistance telephones: telephone switchboard + 39-0331-660507
or Mobile number + 39-347-7451869
dedicated email addresses: automation@temac.it e service@temac.it

Assistance for preventive machine maintenance
TEMAC offers an assistance service for preventive machine maintenance
The assistance service with a preventive maintenance contract, intended exclusively on site, aims to constantly guarantee the efficiency of the machine with an active or expired warranty. The service takes place periodically by appointment scheduled at the signing of the contract and foresees 10 h. intervention for each customer exit and includes greases and lubricants for maintenance, but not any worn or damaged parts.
To request more information, contact our numbers: + 39-0331-660507

Spare parts
Spare parts

 Our spare parts department is always at your disposal. We grant prompt reply, for ordinary wear and tear parts delivery in 1 week. For shafts or additional adaptors or clutches delivery within 4 weeks. Contact – Cristina Testa – acquisti@temac.it, +39 0331661204.
We create a recommended spare parts set that you always have on hand in stock – to reduce downtime due to missing parts. Contact us for a special and tailor made spare parts service.


Temac offers a machine retrofit service with a tailor made study for the replacement of mechanical and electronic parts for the modernization of your old industrial machine, optimizing production and eliminating obsolete components with others that are easily available.
Contact us for a special and tailor made offer. Tel. +39 0331661204

Remote tele-assistance & Industry 4.0
Remote tele-assistance & Industry 4.0

TEMAC has developed and offers customers the possibility of a remote assistance service, to give remote support and solve, where possible, the problem by optimizing time and costs and safeguarding health of our planet and of course, in these difficult times, the health of our employees and customers.

With the new series of “Smartech” slitters rewinder, remote tele-assistance, via wired or WiFi network, allows even more advanced diagnostics as all the main hardware devices are connected to each other on an EtherNet backbone in order to be interrogated or programmable at distance.

The Smartech series is the natural evolution that Industry 4.0. it imposes and is fully compatible with all new protocols for data exchange such as Microsoft SQL Server Express, Microsoft Access, OPC UA, MySQL and Oracle.
In addition, the Panel PC that equips the new Smartech series allows countless possibilities, from network sharing to the connection of peripherals such as printers, code readers or RFID, image mirroring, installation of additional software such as MES, ERP, PLM, etc.
Note: we remind you that all settings / configurations on the Company side (Client) are the responsibility of the customer.