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Converting and packaging markets, which are becoming more and more dynamic and careful about quality, are going to adopt in every pha se of the job systems mea su res that encompass environment impact, health and safety.

To reach this goal, Temac has got the new range of products identified with the logo Ecosystemac: the slitter rewinders that respect the environment.


In addition to working with its customers to make its products more efficient, Temac has taken its environment commitment, planning and manufacturing the Ecosystemac series which guarantees high added value in terms of production performance and eco-sustainability. The progress of a company is also measured for its choices that have to be responsible ones, contributing to improve the quality of both life and environment. The effect is optimal for everyone: for the manufacturing company, that has to work for the defence of the environment to be considered up-dated; for the customer, who boasts the immediate excellent results in terms of quality, service and, above all, savingS; for the environment, whose respect is nothing but a natural human inspiration.
Experience, talent and green sensibility are the endowments of Temac’s new machines born under the logo “Ecosystemac”: Temac have improved the inside global planning, both in electronics and mechanics, in order to offer our customers the top automation. Thanks to the aid specific software that manages all working phases, Temac have drastically shrunk dead times, improving performances and guaranteeing reliability and versatility assuring a friendly use suitable to all operators, also to the less expert ones.
The key word for all Temac products is quality: to achieve this goal Temac doesn’t neglect the delicate phases of engineering and planning, which culminate in an extremely strengthening of all the mechanic structures, able to bear weights and performances that go beyond the parameters obtained with standard slitters.


Temac is close to its customer and to whom, both in production and cutting department, has to work every day with slitter rewinder machines. For this reason, Temac cares about everyone and request to facilitate the work of every kind of material, even the most delicate ones.
The well-known professionalism, with which Temac carries out the preliminary technical definition of each slitter rewinders, assures our customer the final result: dead times reduction, high speed set-up operations, optimal management planning and control of all the production phases. Temac experience, thanks to a well consolidated know-out and an efficient and young technical staff, allows to provide a wide, complete and up-dated range of services, which are perfectly in line with our customer profile. In these times, where markets globalization could seem to benefit of the “competition” and “dynamism” concepts out of every economic regulation and ethics, Temac looks forward to the future, relying upon values such as “quality” and “competence”; this means ability to foresee the customer’s needs with a prompt reply and dedicated solutions. Last but not least, Temac takes care of our customers on domestic and foreign markets, providing them an after-sale service through a network of agents: Temac is always ready to satisfy every customer expectation.


Temac faces the challenges with the market, responding positively and vigorously to the difficulties that have involved the whole packaging sector. Temac can now promise to encourage market investments with a strategy of serious and responsible commitments, betting on the environmental impact for a better and eco-sustainable future: important values that strengthen the trust of our customers, thinking that the challenge with the market will be won with a “green inspiration”. On these basis Temac can generate new business relations and bring success to the already established ones.