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Smartech: the new line of slitter rewinders

February 19, 2021
nuova serie smartech temac

Temac has introduced a new way of interacting between man and machine to create an even more user-friendly interface. In fact, the new line of slitters features a new control console introducing an IP65 fanless industrial Panel PC with a 15.6 ”Wide Touch-Screen. Also standard are a Wi-Fi and LAN adapter for remote tele-assistance, a wireless keyboard with touch pad and a high resolution color camera, that can be used, at the customer’s convenience, to check various points of the machine, such as the cutting units or the unwinding reel. In addition to the new control console it is also supplied a radio push-button panel for industrial environments, which allows the entire part of the shaftless unwinder to be operated. In this way the operator can perform the loading or unloading of the parent reels without being bound to the classic fixed controls present in this area of ​​the machine, with a marked improvement in terms of ergonomics, safety and speed.

The new HMI interface project, based on one of the most powerful SCADA on the market, is called “PCVISION” and is born from a careful analysis of the requests of machine operators and production managers. PCVISION includes all the functions and working parameters of the machine with very modern, high-contrast graphics, simple and intuitive with contextual help on all touch keys.

pcvision smartech temac

With regard to diagnostics, PCVISION offers considerable support as it has a management of alarms in textual form with alarm codes and extensive descriptions and solutions of problems with 3D images to better identify the problematic element. An Alarm Dispatcher function also allows the timely sending of alarms in the form of SMS or E-Mail messages to a single user or a group of users and the function can be customized according to schedules, calendars, shifts, etc., etc. . In the same option it is possible to configure a Web Client for up to two users in order to view information relating to production, recipes or alarms from mobile systems based on Android or iOS.

The new interface also integrates all the machine manuals and wiring diagrams in PDF format in order to have everything at hand. Furthermore, a series of data recording files on the processed events allows to understand and reconstruct any event, whether it has generated an alarm, or whether it belongs to a normal working phase.

interfaccia smartech temac

In addition to this, the remote tele-assistance via wired or WiFi network allows advanced diagnostics as all the main hardware devices are connected to each other on an EtherNet backbone in order to be interrogated or programmable remotely.

Of course PCVISION is fully compatible with all the new strategies of Industry 4.0.

As for connectivity, it allows countless possibilities, from sharing on the network to connecting peripherals such as printers, code readers or RFID, image mirroring, installation of additional software such as MES, ERP, PLM etc. etc.

This is a further qualitative, functional and performance leap of TEMAC machines.

TEMAC slitter rewinders of the SMARTECH series are the maximum evolutionary expression persevered by TEMAC over the years and are seen by the global market as a new reference in the sector.