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Slitter rewinder SVD 1010 for the medical sector

February 12, 2024
temac slitter rewinder

TEMAC announces the introduction of its latest innovation: the 3-motor model SVD 1010 slitter rewinder, designed specifically to meet the needs of the medical sector. This new machine, which integrates advanced unwinding and winding features, was developed to meet the rigorous cleaning and sterilization standards required in the medical industry.

The SVD 1010 stands out for its ability to process particularly delicate materials, such as HDPE non-woven fabric, cutting them precisely without causing fraying effects. This is made possible by the adoption of cutting-edge cutting technologies, which testify to TEMAC’s experience in processing complex materials.
Characterized by an innovative design, this machine includes a material transport system through three rollers arranged in successive stages of the production process, eliminating unwanted folds or wrinkles. The use of aluminum for the machine components not only guarantees compliance with the stringent tolerances of the medical sector but also contributes to the high standards of hygiene and sterilization. A further hygiene measure is given by the stainless steel tank positioned under the joining platform, preventing any contact between the processed material and the surrounding environment.

The SVD 1010 also offers innovative solutions for the management of processed materials, including a hybrid unloading system with unloading trolley, minimizing physical contact and simplifying loading and unloading operations. Ease of use is further improved by the presence of an integrated and easily accessible electrical panel, designed to make maintenance simple and quick.

Innovative also in its “native 4.0” nature, the cutter is equipped with an industrial PC for complete supervision of the process and a highly readable HMI interface, which makes interaction intuitive and provides immediate assistance through contextual suggestions. Advanced connectivity allows excellent communication transparency and effectively supports remote assistance.

Equipped with an innovative “shaftless” unwinding group and ergonomic wireless controls, the SVD 1010 highlights Temac’s commitment to operator safety and operational efficiency. This machine is part of the ECOSYSTEMAC line, which reflects the company’s attention to environmental sustainability, combining exceptional performance with a reduced impact on the environment.

With the SVD 1010, TEMAC once again demonstrates its ability to blend technological innovation, reliability and commitment to sustainability, offering cutting-edge solutions that meet the specific needs of its customers in the medical sector and beyond.