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Slitter rewinder model SRP dor micro perforated and macro perforated flexible packaging

November 30, 2022


Bakery products,  fresh vegetables and in general all products that need high perspiration require to be packed with a film that allows the release of all moisture and is at the same time resistant enough not to tear or break during handling.

The bread, for example, which is packaged at the exit of the oven, is still hot and must give up the heat and residual moisture so as not to become chewy.

Hot micro-punching, applicable to both polyethylene and polypropylene films, can be applied to mono and bioriented packaging, designed to preserve any specificity of the product. This allows excess moisture to escape but at the same time preserves freshness, fragrance and softness of bakery products.

Cold macro-punching is mainly used in the fruit and vegetables, horticultural and construction sectors.

The rewinding machine that we present has a hot micro-punching unit, and a cold macro-punching unit. The machine is also designed for a future positioning, in the bridge passage part, of a laser system for shaped cuts, engravings or pre-cuts.

The film is unwind by a mother reel, it can pass into the micro-perforation group or into the macro-perforation group and be cut and rewound on the opposite side, obtaining micro-perforated or macro-perforated reels, according to the density and band requested by the customer.

The film can also only be cut to size and with speeds of 700 m / min, skipping the steps of the previously described processing, using the line only as a pure machine for cutting into rolls.

This is the result of the fruitful collaboration with the market leaders FST (Home – Feldman ST) and Microfora (Macchinari per la microperforazione | Microfora) , the complete system was delivered to one of the main converter of packaging materials in Souther Italy.