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Unfolding machine OPF 1000

Tipologie: Folding Machines.

Unfolding machine simple and practice. Single side unfolding machines able to work with a wide range
of plastic film, laminated co-extruded film.


Standard Equipments

  • Independent “Shaftless” unwinding group
  • Automatic alignment system of the mother roll through edge guide group
  • Self and servo cooled pneumatic brake with thermostatic control.
  • Single side unfolding triangle
  • Side cut group for bubble film opening
  • Expandable rewinding shaft 3’’


All machine controls are managed by wide color “Touch Screen” unit. This unit is able to store all machine parameters and several work menus for an easy and quick machine setup.

Low consumption and high efficiency A.C. asynchronous servo motors managed by fully digital Inverters with “vector” mode configuration.




Unwinding web tension control managed by A.C. asynchronous servo motor driven by fully digital Inverters with “vector” mode configuration.
Fully automatic “Laser” core positioning system managed by “Touch Screen” unit.
Remote machine check-up with Ethernet connection.
Set of rubberized clamping rolls with adjustable angle in order to reduce the central fold.

Technical features Unwinder

Working width mm 1.000
Max diameter mother roll mm 600
Unwinding work width mm 500
Internal diameter unwinding core mm 70 (2.75’’), 76 (3”)


Technical features Unwinder

Rewinding cylinder width mm 1.100
Rewinding work width mm 1.000
Max diameter finished roll mm 500
Internal diameter rewinding core mm 76 (3”)
Axial displacement of mother roll mt/min +/-50
Max machine speed mt/min 400 mt/min