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Slitter Rewinder TTS 160 / 180

TTS series machines join the best of the flexibility to extremely high performances available on the market, supporting the rewinding shaft during all working fases including the revolving.
These machines are able to work film, coex, laminated, papers and aluminium foils.

tts 160-180

Standard Equipments

Independent hydraulic unwinding group “shaftless” type with integrated splice table with footboard or bridge web path.
N° 2 rewinding stations managed by fully automatic twin turret systems with fully clutched rewinding shaft managed by robotized supports which follows the rewinding shafts in all working phases (rewinding, revolving and downloading).
N° 2 fully automatic ended rolls pusher systems and laser units for the rewinding card board positioning aid.
“High End” level electronic controls for a constant reliability in the years



Digital servo vectors inverters manages all asynchronous and brushless motors.

PLC (programmable logic controller with “on board” ETHERNET connection for the supervision and remote assistance of all machine statuses) with man / machine interface implemented via industrial Panel PC IP 65 fanless, Touch-Screen 15.6”, 4GB Ram, Intel 2.0 Ghz. QuadCore Windows 10 IoT 64 bit on SSD.

Control  by ethernet for a total remote control and direct service.


It’s possible to use a fully automatic and computerized circular blade positioning systems.

Technical Data TTS 160/180

  Working width mm 1.300-1.600-1.800-2.000
  Max batch roll diameter mm 1.000-1200-1.500
  Max ended roll diameter mm 600 (TTS 160)
820 (TTS 180)
  Minimum slitting width mm 20
  Max axial displacement of batch roll mm +/- 50
  Max working speed mt/min 700 (TTS 160)
800 (TTS 180)