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Slitter Rewinder ETS 160

The slitter MOD. ETS 160 is not a simple double turret slitter: transformed from an innovative design, is developed to meet the needs of companies that, in respect of shrinking budgets, are looking for a flexible and automated production, with an interesting price / performance ratio.

Standard Equipments

Unwinding group “Shaftless” type.
Nr. 2 rewinding stations managed by fully automatic twin turret systems with fully clutched rewinding shaft.
Nr. 2 fully automatic ended rolls pusher systems and laser units for the rewinding card board positioning aid.
“High end” level electronic controls for a constant reliability in the years



Digital servo vectors inverters manages all asynchronous and brushless motors.
A large LCD colour touch screen unit is able to store all work parameters as work menus for an extremely quick and sharp machine setting.
A high speed serial communication network controls all digital servo inverters, PLC and touch screen units.


Ethernet for a total remote control and direct service.
Fully automatic and computerized circular blade positioning system.
Independent unwinding group with splice table with footboard or bridge web path.
Other option on customer’s demand.

Technical Data ETS 160

Working width mm 1.300-1.600
Max batch roll diameter mm 1.000-1.200
Max rewound rolls diameter mm 600
Minimum cutting width mm 20
Max axial displacement of batch roll mt/min +/-50
Max slitting speed mt/min 700