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TTS 160/180: high performances and the best flexibility in the use.
Slitter Rewinding machines able to work with a wide range of plastic film, laminated
co-extruded film as well as paper and aluminium foil.
On customer request is available the fully automatic knives positioning system.




  • Independent unwinding group "Shaftless" type.
  • Integrated splice table with vacuum system.
  • Lay on rolls assembled on two independent motorized carriages for top and bottom rewinding stations.
  • Four fully clutched rewinding shafts managed by robotized supports which follows the rewinding shafts in all working phases (rewinding, revolving and downloading).
  • Two fully automatic ended rolls pusher systems and laser units for the rewinding cardboard positioning aid.
  • Side unloading mechanic fork with axial and orthogonal rotations with side movement managed by PLC.

  Ecosystemac   ECOSYSTEMAC:
Energy Saving Technology, Temac respects environment reducing energy cost.



All machine functions are managed by a wide colour "Touch Screen" panel. The system controls the 14 servo A.C. motors and Brushless by digital flux vector inverters. This machine is able to store all work parameters as 'work menus' for an extremely quick and sharp machine setting. A high speed serial communication network controls all hardware units as PLC, "Touch Screen", Inverter.
On customer request it’s possible to control the machine by modem for a total remote control and direct service.


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Main Technical Data TTS 160/180

  Useful width mm 1.300-1.600-1.800-2.000
  Max batch roll diameter mm 1.000-1200
  Max ended roll diameter mm 600 (TTS 160)
820 (TTS 180)
  Min slitting width mm 25
  Max axial batch roll displacement mm +/- 50
  Max working speed mt/min 700 (TTS 160)
800 (TTS 180)