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The new slitter of the series SRS is the SRS 861, which joins to the extremely compact design with single front work side, the possibility to reach important diameter of finished reels: up to 600 mm.
It is able to work a great number of flexible materials and satisfy the more diversified demands.

Link: http://www.temac.it/it/srs_861s_taglierinaribobinatrice.php

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Temac will take part to RosUpack 2017 with its agent VIP.
It is an international event, the largest exhibition for the packaging industry in Russia and Eastern Europe.
It is set in Moscow from 20 th to June 23th . For the insiders it is known the importance that this event covers for the Packaging and labelling: 18,842 visitors from 53 countries and 78 regions of Russia, 500 exhibitors from 33 world countries, such as Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Japan, UK and many others.
Temac invites you to see at Pavilion 1 Hall 3 Booth No C103

Link: http://www.vipsys.ru/news/VIP_Rosupack_2017/

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Hungary new agent

Temac welcomes the new Agent DELTA TRADE, for their products' distribution in Hungary.

Link: http://www.deltatrade.eu

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Temac Srl TEMAC, in cooperation with his partner Al Rawag International successfully took part to TECHNOPRINT 2017, the largest exhibit for printing, packaging and advertising industries ever held in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.


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Temac it's from long a reality 4.0 through the concept of smart factory that has three features:
Smart production machine- operator- tools interaction: thanks to new technologies that facilitate collaboration;
Smart services: interaction between companies (supplier-client): thanks to technological infrastructures that enable to “inter-intra” communicate.
Smart energy: machine-to-machine interaction to store energy, rationalise costs and increase performance, a line of development that already exists in 2010 with the launch of the brand Ecosystemac.


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#Upakovka-2017 #Temac#вип_системы #vipsystems #

Successful participation at the Upakovka 2017, consolidating the fruitful collaboration with agent VIPSYSTEMS.

Link: http://www.vipsys.ru/news/Uteco_Upakovka_itogi/

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K 2016: THANK YOU!

A special thanks to our customers, who have confirmed to believe in our reality and are highly satisfied with their choice of TEMAC.
This makes us proud and encourages us to continue investing in quality and proficiency.
Many thanks to our partners, who by their presence has contributed to the success of the exhibition.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/TemacSrl

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The K 2016, the leading trade fair in the world for plastics and rubber, ended with satisfactory results for Temac, with 15 percent of contacts more than the previous event in 2013, with two contracts signed with important new customers and a high percentage of negotiations, that can suppose concrete orders.
In the usual exhibition area of the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, the expectations have not been betrayed by the choice to display in the window, constantly in working condition, the bidirectional Doctor Machine, which, though auxiliary, called the attention of the visitors for the peculiarity, the performances and the excellent working quality.
The success of Temac it is made not only for the interest aroused by the doctor machine, but also for special applications relating to semi-rigid materials and of high thickness film, technology that Temac is developing in this period.
Finally, it still boosts sales network of agencies, opening toward Asia, and it strengthens the existing customer confidence, which is inspiration and pride for Temac.


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K 2016

TEMAC is preparing the K, the International Fair of Plastics and Rubber.
As in the previous K, TEMAC will present an auxiliary machine of the print media industry: the bidirectional doctor machine mod. DTR 800 / R, on which may be carried out functional tests during the whole period of the exhibition. Considering the interest and the success achieved in the previous edition, in this important appointment of the end of the year, the Varese company will enjoy showing the characteristics and peculiarity of this amazing "Doctor machine ".
The doctor machine is used to rectify rolls that do not meet the technical requirements imposed by the client and that present alignment or winding tension defects Minimizing the waste of material, may significantly improve the impact on the final profit.
With BI-directional pivoting trolley control system, the machine is equipped with 3 asynchronous A.C. motors to reduce energy consumption. With width 600 mm and unwinding diameter up to 800, the DTR 800/ R can reach the speed up to 500 mt/1 and the tension of the material in both directions is handled automatically from load cell unit.
With an automation such as it is not required the operator intervention, thanks to the DTR 800 / R, can be set tolerances similar to zero, which allow to obtain excellent reels, both for the geometric quality, and for tension. The K 2016 is an opportunity to Temac to surprise those, who still has not experienced the quality standards, testing itself with this little challenge of perfection.

Link: http://www.k-online.com/

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TEMAC SUMMER VACATIONS 06.08.2016 - 21.08.2016


We wish you holidays feeling nature, relax and culture
Temac vi augura vacanze all’insegna della natura, del relax e della cultura

Temac s.r.l.
is closed for
summer vacations
from 06.08.2016
until 21.08.2016.

per comunicazioni urgenti rivolgersi al nr. +39 3356812112
in case of urgent needs, please call +39 3356812112


News inserted: 26-07-2016







DRUPA, the international event, which every four years brings together the world of graphic arts, has just come to an end. The 2016 edition has been a great success either in term of interest drawn and in the quality of our visitors.

We would like to thank you for taking your time to visit us at Drupa 2016 exhibition in Dusseldorf.
It was a pleasure to meet you personally at our booth, where we had the possibility to introduce our products.

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to our loyal partners and agents for their support at our booth.

Click the following link to see the gallery on our Facebook page

Link: http://bit.ly/2936DLP

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Temac is proud to announce the new Agency Agreement for IRANIAN market, signed with Mr. Taghi Abghari for our products' distribution in IRAN. The beginning of the collaboration was realized from April 2016 by participating at the IRANPLAST-2016 in Teheran.


News inserted: 04-05-2016






Exhibition IranPlast follow-up

The follow up of the fair has proved to be a popular success with very
good percentage of contacts with decision makers of important
prospects, as well as a new agency agreement with one of the main
dealers in the field, of which we will provide precise information in our further news.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/TemacSrl

News inserted: 27-04-2016






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In collaboration with our agent, GRAPHIC EVOLUTION, we are going to partecipate at the Algeria’s 5th International Printing and Packaging Technology Exhibition
from April 5th to 7th. Visit us!


News inserted: 07-04-2016






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TEMAC - VIP-SYSTEMS signed the new partnership

Temac successfully took part to UPAKOVKA 2016, the 24th trade fair for packaging and plastic in Moscow last month, in cooperation with the new partner, VIP-SYSTEMS company.

Link: http://upakovka.messe-duesseldorf.de/

News inserted: 17-03-2016






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TEMAC - AL RAWAG INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY: Successful exhibition Plastex 2016, Cairo

Temac in co sharing with his agent Al Rawag international trading company is able to draw a positive balance for PLASTEX 2016 in Cairo, last month.

Link: http://www.plastex-online.com/overview/about-plastex/

News inserted: 12-02-2016






TEMAC landed on social networks

Dear Customer, Dear Partner,

Just to inform you: we landed on social networks to be closer to our international audience.
You will have access to direct channels through which to communicate and stay updated on the developments of the company.
We have, first of all, a LinkedIn profile, the best known and recognized social network for Business-to-Business.
The page is currently available in English, Italian and Spanish but it will soon expand to other languages to meet the needs of the market.
You can find us also on Facebook, where you could find out something of the human aspects of the enterprise...
We are now working also on Google Plus, where it will be posted news, photos and updated status.
We like the idea of interacting with our "fans": not simply "giving information" through our official site, but "talking to them in a less institutional way".

Pls. follow usǃ

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/9287048?trk=hp-feed-company-name, https://www.facebook.com/TemacSrl, https://plus.google.com/115160866072351281143/posts?hl=it

News inserted: 28-04-2015






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Open from May 1 to October 31, 2015, Expo Milano 2015 is a non-commercial Universal Exposition around the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.
This is our tribute.

Link: http://www.expo2015.org/en/learn-more

News inserted: 15-01-2015






EQUIPLAST - 30-09-2014 / 03-10-2014

EQUIPLAST 2014 will take place from 30 September to 03 October.
We will partecipate with our agent for Spain: the company INGSA.

Estaremos en el Pabellón 3 Calle A STAND 145, les esperamos!

Link: http://www.equiplast.com/

News inserted: 18-09-2014






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A special thanks to our customers, who have confirmed to believe in our reality and are highly satisfied with their choice of TEMAC.
This makes us proud and encourages us to continue investing in quality and proficiency.
Many thanks to our partners, who by their presence has contributed to the success of the exhibition.


News inserted: 08-11-2013






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K follow-up

The K show ended as the more successful event in the story of our company. In the setting of the usual exhibition area of the Düsseldorf trade fair complex, but with a stand renovated in the image, bright and attractive, we left the fair with a lot of numerous and excellent contacts, with visitors more and more expert and demanding.
We generated the 30 percent of contacts more than the K2010 . Among these, many are potential new customers , with an increasing of visit of " decision makers", belonging to the management. In many have addressed to us with concrete project , so as to assume significant real business after the trade fair.
In addition, the 70 percent came from abroad. This confirms and supports our increasing efforts focused to the international markets .
The choice of presenting our bidirectional doctor machine has met the expectations, even if we are talking about an auxiliary machine. The machine, which was in working condition during all the fair time, called the attention of the visitors for the peculiarity, the performances and the excellent working quality.
We have announced to live a “bidirectional K”: this aim has been totally fulfill, thanks to the visit of our customers. Their trust and satisfaction make us proud and encourage us to continue on the way of quality and competence.
Last but not least, a special thanks our Agents. Their participation and presence actively contributed to the success of this experience and proves once more our efforts focused to consolidate a commercial and service network, operating worldwide.
Our reply to what has emerged after the exhibition: to reinforce an international team able to reply promptly and with proficiency to the complexity of the request, keeping as leitmotiv the Temac quality: reliability, technology and friendly use.


News inserted: 28-10-2013






FOR A two-way K

In the setting of the usual exhibition area, Hall 3 stand E15, this year we will exhibit the bi-directional doctor machine mod. DTR 800/R, on which may be carried out functional tests during the whole period of the exhibition, and which we have chosen as a symbol of the “bidirectional” collaboration customer-manufacturer, common thread that guides the “Temac team” along.
With BI-directional pivoting trolley control system, the machine is equipped with 3 asynchronous A.C. motors to reduce energy consumption. With width 600 mm and unwinding diameter up to 800, the DTR 800/ R can reach the speed up to 500 mt/1 and the tension of the material in both directions is handled automatically from load cell unit. We wait for you in HALL 03 STAND E15!

Link: http://www.k-tradefair.com/

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Link: http://www.slitter-rewinders.com/taglierina-ru.php

News inserted: 06-08-2013






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Temac welcomes his new partner for the UK.

Link: http://www.spexecutive.com

News inserted: 19-04-2013







2012 opens with two important events in converting market which Temac srl, manufacturer of slitter rewinders, centre-folding machines, core cutting machines and accessories for packaging field, must join in, showing its latest news to all visitors and renewing its commitment in promoting dedicated solutions to top-calibre professional customers.

PLAST 2012 exhibition, which will take place in Milan, 8th - 12nd May 2012, is an important international platform where all operators working in plastic field and not only, come together to presenting and taking overview about the main sector innovations.
Temac at Plast 2012 show: an appointment where the company located nearby Varese is well-known and its quality is consolidated.
Visit us! Hall 15 STAND C12

DRUPA 2012 exhibition – Düsseldorf, Germany, 03nd - 16th May 2012 – focus its attention on numerous innovations that Italian companies like Temac srl, - Hall 11 A31 – desires to present to a public specialized in the print media industry and in following work phases.
Temac will be present at Drupa 2012 in Düsseldorf, the world market print media, publishing and converting fair that launches and tests new trends and technologies along with integrated solutions for the printing house of the future.
Visit us! Hall 11 Booth A31

Link: http://www.temacslitters.com/expo_events_converting_slitting_packaging.php

News inserted: 19-03-2012


TEMAC convertingTEMAC convertingTEMAC converting





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TEMAC s.r.l. based in Lonate Pozzolo (Varese), an appreciated company in the manufacturing and sale of slitter rewinders and accessories, signs a gold agreement with Luxoro s.r.l., the company in Parona Lomellina (Pavia), the exclusive distributor for Italy of Kurz products.
Both companies are oriented to follow together a research and development of technology and market solutions that encompass environment impact, health and safety in every phases of the job.

We have established a special cooperation with the company of Lomellina – says Massimo Cerliani – Temac Sales Manager – that takes care the marketing of hot and cold printing products for the production of labels thanks to the precious Kurz metallized foils.

With the brand Ecosystemac, the company Temac extends its range of slitter rewinders and accessories, planning for Luxoro a new Doctoring Machine that includes features of last generation able to make different kind of work.
This is the new DTR 803, with 3 A.C. servo vector motors which, thanks to special software allow to reduce drastically the demand for energy power during the machine start up and running, respecting a green philosophy of work.

The DTR 803 is born after a careful study at work-table with Luxoro - says Alessio Collavino, Temac Design Office Manager – We could call it a "mini-slitter rewinder" which has all the characteristics of Temac machines able to unwind and rewind rolls in a very easy way.
In the renovated structure of DTR 803, a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller system) for a complete computerized interface man/machine realized by a Wide Colour Touch Screen unit of 8” is used for a total and immediate control of all working conditions.
As far as the unwinding phase is concerned, it is carried on by mother roll holder shafts having pneumatic expansion with self centering system for cores with inside diameter from 1”, 3”.
On customer demand we can also arrange for adapters for cores of 6".

The rewinding station is able to work with shafts with cores of Ø 1 "and 3".
In the same frame the rewinding shafts are completed by a mechanical system for unloading of rolls with a diameter of 25 mm. (1"), integrated in the structure of the machine and rotating on its axis.
An automatic control of the unwinding tension is managed by load cells driven by a microprocessor system in fully automatic way.
The two lay-rolls covered by special antistatic rubber width is 750 mm. with work width of 650 mm. The machine is able to unwind rolls with diameter of 500 mm., reaching a guaranteed maximum speed of almost 500 mt/min. and rewind rolls with a diameter of 400 mm.
The peculiarity of this special Doctor Machine is the presence of 3 asynchronous A.C. main servo motors with close loop vector: one for draw unit control, one for respective both rewinding shafts, the bottom and the top one.

The slitting group works independent both in front and back side of machine by electro-pneumatic controls for lift and fall down of the razor blades and it is integrated with circular pneumatic knives group.

We are sure we have met once again our client Luxoro that rewards us with its preference and urges us to face new market challenges, - concludes Cerliani - supporting every project as a priority for our company which has always a greater number of companies that confirm us as their preferential supplier and reaffirm their’s own bent for Ecosystemac as natural choice.


News inserted: 29-11-2011






Triple success at K2010


Temac has once again succeeded without disappointing its own audience presenting at K Exhibition novelties that have attracted the customers’ interest, even the most difficult and qualified ones.
We have received a positive feedback, also from those companies that have to comply with corporate budgets.
Temac, considering several market demands, has shown three possible solutions, all belonging to Ecosystemac series machines: innovation starting from the always meticulous study and project of the product, ensuring the added value by the market required and confirming the common policy of an “eco-sustainability philosophy” followed by both manufacturers and users.

Relevant has been the positive answer of those visitors who have focused their attention on the design of our slitter rewinder mod. SRP 162/SVI with the innovative electromechanical system of the vertical mother roll lifting, a technical feature that has made the machine earn the title of “TOTAL OIL FREE” machine.
Excellent also the technical data: this machine has been asked to respect the environment in terms of work times beyond the standard levels. In fact the machine reaches 700 mt/1’.

The slitter rewinder machine mod. EMS 610/S boasts a friendly design appeal much appreciated from users in converting industry.
Its strength: it is an excellent solution combining quality and price. This kind of machine has received the highest number of requests for quotations”.

Last but not least, DTR 800 with working width of 600 mm. and cutting unit with pneumatic circular knives, has been Temac auxiliary machine that has surprised the visitors thanks to its design and its friendly use, with control managements present both on the unwinding and the rewinding user sides.

Temac, treasuring the collected contacts, follows with seriousness and daily work its dedication to meet the specific customer needs and consequently, to customize the machines to definite targets in terms of production and quality, friendly use management and system reliability, ensuring its post-sale service.

Link: http://www.temac.it/en/expo_events_converting_slitting_packaging.php

News inserted: 16-11-2010


TEMAC convertingTEMAC convertingTEMAC converting





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ECOSYSTEMAC: advanced technology, natural inspiration

Temac respects environment reducing energy costs.
Temac makes own the theme of ecology, producing with Ecosystemac more ecological manufacturing machines.
Come to discover Temac production focused on quality and service, competitiveness and energy saving!

Temac unveils the new range of products identified with the logo Ecosystemac: the slitter rewinders that respect the environment!
Temac has taken its environment commitment, planning and manufacturing the Ecosystemac series which guarantees high added value in terms of production performance and eco-sustainability.
The progress of a company is also measured for its choices that have to be responsible ones, contributing to improve the quality of both life and environment.
The effect is optimal for everyone: for the manufacturing company, that has to work for the defence of the environment to be considered up-dated; for the customer, who boasts the immediate excellent results in terms of quality, service and, above all, saving; for the environment, whose respect is nothing but a natural human inspiration.
Temac has always believed that technology innovation and environmental protection can not be divided. For this reason, Temac technological growth is continuing, even in 2010, aiming at the binomial high efficiency and energy cost reduction.
Thanks to the aid specific software that manages all working phases, we have drastically shrunk dead times, improving performances and guaranteeing reliability and versatility, assuring a friendly use suitable to all operators, also to the less expert ones.
Temac will shortly introduce the new TTS 180, which combines the best performances with our customers’ request to adopt an inside manufacturing cycle with elements that answer to the highest green requisites. For example the push out system of the ended rolls that may reach a max diameter of 820 mm., is carried on by total digital close flux vector A.C. inverters.
High standard electronic controls, make TTS series reliable in time, matching the long established experience and the best available contemporary technology.
In these times, where markets globalization could seem to benefit of the "competition" and "dynamism" concepts out of every economic regulation and ethics, Temac looks forward to the future, relying upon values such as "quality" and "competence"; this means ability to foresee the customer’s needs with a prompt reply and dedicated solutions.
Temac can now promise to encourage market investments with a strategy of serious and responsible commitments, betting on the environmental impact for a better and eco-sustainable future.

We kindly invite all the operators who want to see the Ecosystemac slitter rewinders to contact our customer office commerciale@temac.it in order to visit the show room by our company in Lonate Pozzolo (Varese).

Link: http://www.temac.it/en/index.php?pag=1

News inserted: 12-11-2009


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