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From: 02-10-2017 until: 06-10-2017

In collaboration with our agent, FABIO DANZE, we are going to partecipate at the EQUIPLAST from 2nd to 6th OCTOBER 2017.
We are waiting for you at HALL. 3, lev.0 A 11

Los esperamos en nuestro Stand Pabellón 3, Nivel 0, A11

Website: http://www.equiplast.com/


From: 20-06-2017 until: 23-06-2017

Website: http://www.rosupack.com/ru-RU

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From: 27-04-2017 until: 30-04-2017

In collaboration with our agent, AL RAWAG, we are going to partecipate at the TECHNOPRINT fair from APRIL 27th to 30th 2017.
We are waiting for you at HALL. 3, STAND C/19

Website: http://www.technoprintexpo.com/index.php/exhibitors/international-companies

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PACK PRINT, 12th April -15th April 2017 Tunis, Tunisia

From: 12-04-2017 until: 15-04-2017

Website: http://www.packprint-tunisia.com.tn/concept.php

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24-27 of January – Upakovka, Moscow

From: 24-01-2017 until: 27-01-2017

Website: http://www.upakovka-tradefair.com/

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K 2016

From: 19-10-2016 until: 26-10-2016

K2016 exhibition – Düsseldorf, Germany: Hall 3 / G12

Website: http://www.k-online.com/

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From: 31-05-2016 until: 10-06-2016

DRUPA 2016 exhibition – Düsseldorf, Germany, – Hall 11 A31 –

Website: http://www.drupa.com/cipp/md_drupa/custom/pub/content,oid,33932/lang,4?gclid=CPrz88XnkssCFRSeGwodI0QIdg

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From: 13-04-2016 until: 17-04-2016

Temac is going to partecipate to the 10th edition of IRANPLAST.
Visit us! HALL 27 STAND 6A

Website: http://www.iranplast.ir/en/home

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From: 05-04-2016 until: 07-04-2016

In collaboration with our agent, GRAPHIC EVOLUTION, we are going to partecipate at the Algeria’s 5th International Printing and Packaging Technology Exhibition
from April 5th to 7th. Visit us!

Website: http://www.printpackalger.com/printpack_e.html

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From: 30-09-2014 until: 03-10-2014

EQUIPLAST 2014 will take place from 30 September to 03 October.
We will partecipate with our agent for Spain: the company INGSA.

Website: http://www.equiplast.com/en/home

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K 2013 Düsseldorf

From: 16-10-2013 until: 23-10-2013

The K show ended as the more successful event in the story of our company. In the setting of the usual exhibition area of the Düsseldorf trade fair complex, but with a stand renovated in the image, bright and attractive, we left the fair with a lot of numerous and excellent contacts, with visitors more and more expert and demanding.
We generated the 30 percent of contacts more than the K2010 . Among these, many are potential new customers , with an increasing of visit of " decision makers", belonging to the management. In many have addressed to us with concrete project , so as to assume significant real business after the trade fair.
In addition, the 70 percent came from abroad. This confirms and supports our increasing efforts focused to the international markets .
The choice of presenting our bidirectional doctor machine has met the expectations, even if we are talking about an auxiliary machine. The machine, which was in working condition during all the fair time, called the attention of the visitors for the peculiarity, the performances and the excellent working quality.
We have announced to live a “bidirectional K”: this aim has been totally fulfill, thanks to the visit of our customers. Their trust and satisfaction make us proud and encourage us to continue on the way of quality and competence.
Last but not least, a special thanks our Agents. Their participation and presence actively contributed to the success of this experience and proves once more our efforts focused to consolidate a commercial and service network, operating worldwide.
Our reply to what has emerged after the exhibition: to reinforce an international team able to reply promptly and with proficiency to the complexity of the request, keeping as leitmotiv the Temac quality: reliability, technology and friendly use.

Website: http://www.k-online.de/

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From: 08-05-2012 until: 12-05-2012

PLAST 2012 exhibition, which will take place in Milan, 8th - 12nd May 2012, is an important international platform where all operators working in plastic field and not only, come together to presenting and taking overview about the main sector innovations.

In a stand frame – Hall 15 Stand C12 – which continues on the basis of an ethical commitment, Temac follows its path for a responsible energy use, presenting the slitter rewinder mod. SRP 162/SVI, which, of all Ecosystemac Series products, is the first one to attain the eco-friendly qualities, respecting the environment and assuring features which define it as a “TOTAL GREEN” machine.
Let’s look at it in details:

Max batch roll Ø 1.000 mm. – Max finished roll Ø 610 mm.
High performances with max cutting speed: 700 m/1’
Other equipments:
n. 4 asynchronous A.C. motors (digital flux vector inverters)
NEW : “TOTAL OIL FREE” ECOSYSTEMAC MODEL thanks to an innovative electromechanical system for the vertical mother roll lifting movement from floor level to working position. Temac follows its “green inspiration” offering machines with eco-sustainable design, guaranteeing maximum yield in production cycle.

Website: http://www.temacslitters.com/srp-162-svi.php

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From: 03-05-2012 until: 16-05-2012

DRUPA 2012 exhibition – Düsseldorf, Germany, 03nd - 16th May 2012 – focus its attention on numerous innovations that Italian companies like Temac srl, - Hall 11 A31 – desires to present to a public specialized in the print media industry and in following work phases.

Temac srl belongs to all those ranks and substances in the print sector, offering its ancillary machines, that encompass efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

Now look at Temac machines at Drupa exhibition:

Max batch roll Ø 800 mm. – Max finished roll Ø 500 mm.
Max cutting speed: 600 m/1’
Other equipments:
n. 3 asynchronous A.C. motors (digital flux vector inverters)
NEW: Automatic alignment knives system on the counter blades pneumatic shaft.
The machine, with a compact design and a front work side, is the top of flexibility, capable of processing various materials as plastic films, papers and laminates also with very low thickness.
This machine is named “GOLD FOIL MACHINE” and it is particularly processed in working of “12 microns” metalized foils used in luxury packaging.

Max batch roll Ø 800 mm. – Max finished roll Ø 400 mm.
High performance with cutting speed: 500 m/1’
Other equipments:
n. 3 asynchronous A.C. motors (digital flux vector inverters)
The continue automatic unwinding web tension is managed by load cells driven by a microprocessor system.
This kind of machine is used to process and slit rolls with inside diameters of 1”, 3” and 6” (thanks to properly adaptors) in order to obtain final rolls from 1” to 3”.
It is a “tailor made” machine, mainly involved in the label industry and thinnest films.

We trust to meet your needs: you will be welcomed by our Marketing Manager Mr. Massimo Cerliani: he will be pleased both to explain all technical innovations belonging to our production and collect your valuable and useful suggestions.

Website: http://www.temacslitters.com/tms_840_taglierinaribobinatrice.php

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From: 08-01-2011 until: 11-01-2011


Temac has crossed the European borders and tasted the Middle East market, introducing itself for the first time at the ARABPLAST fair held in Dubai from 8 to 11 January 2011.
"An exciting and positive start that we hope will be contagious for all companies working in the plastic field" - says Mr. Cerliani, Sales Manager.

"After the success at Dusseldorf K2010, which has enabled us to satisfy the curiosity and the demands of new visitors coming from all over the world, in the wake of a general optimism, also shared by our agents, Temac could not miss this important event in Dubai.
The contacts collected at K2010 also came from the Middle East. Hence our desire and commitment to continue the commercial dialogue and even make more business opening our own horizons to the Arabian Peninsula customers and find good business opportunities.
The latter has shown great interest in Ecosystemac proposals, the slitter rewinder machines that meet the highest eco-compatibility. As noted in recent market investigations, those who use in their production cycle machines for converting as slitters and rewinders, aim to adopt a reliable and environmental-friendly product.
The same Arab visitors, welcomed to our K Stand, have shown to be highly skilled
and waiting for solutions that are at the forefront in the plastic sector.
Temac “made in Italy” Quality has also been the destination for many visitors to Arabplast. Our Stand 200 8D in Hall 8, has attracted many visitors who were able to get lots of useful information through an interactive-multi media desk, providing them with brochures, videos and much more.
"The hospitality in these countries is deeply felt and in turn we wanted to put visitors at their ease, allowing them to see the potential features of our slitters through videos that emphasize the high automation level of our machines, combined with innovative and unmistakable design that culminates in Ecosystemac Series "- underlines Cerliani
"Our plan is to expand our company and constantly participate in international trade fairs that highlight Temac latest” concluded Cerliani, thanking the United Arab Emirates Agency, EUROGULF INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES LLC., co-exhibitor at Arabplast, for providing cooperation and support at the fair.

Website: http://www.arabplast.info/index.html

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K2010 - DÜSSELDORF - Germany

From: 27-10-2010 until: 03-11-2010

It's K time!


The novelty is represented by mod. SRP 162/SVI, available in working widths of 1.000, 1.300, 1.600, 2.000 mm with driven speed of 700 mt./min. An innovative electromechanical system for the vertical mother roll lifting movement from floor level to working position which replaces the hydraulic system, naming this model "OIL FREE", synonym of high environmental compatibility and energy saving.

The automatic alignment system of the material is through an electro mechanic edge guide group with microprocessor, complete of CCD sensor for the edge and print line reader.

The machine has a splice table group with two independent pneumatic clamps (top and bottom) managed by a PLC unit; a bridge unit for air material passage which joins the unwinding independent group, "Shaftless" type, and the main machine frames, assuring a clean job and avoiding contact with contaminated areas.

The machine management is fully computerized by “Touch Screen”.

SRP has an electro pneumatic system driven by the front and the rear side of the machine and able to lift and drop the slitting group and a pair of aluminium conveyance rolls for “air” slitting between the two rolls.

The EMS 610/S slitter rewinder, available in working width of 1.000 – 1.300 – 1.600 mm, has been projected as a “Multi-Purpose Economic Slitter" able to meet the highest standards of work, combining price and quality.

The design of this machine has been carried out in detail by Temac team: from the compact unwinding Shaftless group type located on the opposite sideways movement group with hydraulic system, to the two special full width clutched shafts with self lock system managed by a spheres system and with a minimum rewinding web width of 20 mm.

The slitting unit is equipped with twin slitting systems with razor blades and circular blades.

The third machine shown as K2010 bearing an Ecosystemac logo is a Doctoring machine mod. DTR 800 used to rectify rolls that do not meet the technical requirements imposed by the client (alignment or winding tension defects, etc.).

Complete with 2 asynchronous A.C. motors (digital flux vector inverters) one for draw roller and one for top and bottom rewinding shafts, DTR 800 has a work speed of 500 mt/min.

A load cells unit controls automatically the torque of the unwinding web. The signal is amplified and manipulated by a microprocessor which - through proportional transducer voltage/ pressure – sends the information to the pneumatic brake maintaining the constant web tension during the unwinding phase.

All slitter rewinder machines belonging to Ecosystemac series have electrical and pneumatic control panels, easy accessible and assuring a friendly machine use, thanks to a colour display LCD type "Touch Screen".

Even at K2010, Temac proposals follow the company strategic choice to join together "green inspiration" and a strong ability to "create" machines that fully execute the market demands.

Website: http://www.k-online.de

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PLAST 09 - MILAN - Italy

From: 24-03-2009 until: 28-03-2009

Temac present at Exhibition Plast 2009 (Hall 15 Stand B30) the slitter rewinder machine SRS 962/IS h. 2100 mm.
The machine has compact unwinding group “Shaftless” type for I.D. core of D. 76 mm. – 3” locking by pneumatic expandable unwinding 1.000 mm. and max diameter finished roll of 610 mm.
Max machine speed Mt./min. 600 and independent programmable rewinding tension control for top-bottom shaft. Reversible rewind motor direction (clockwise – counterclockwise). The SRS 962/IS has special full width clutched rewinding shafts with ball spheres system (ball friction system) with hydraulic lock and unlock able to work cores having I.D. of 76 mm. – 3” and minimum work width of 50 mm.
The new market requirements focused on high production with more flexibility joined with an extremely short set-up time, it has motivated Temac, an affirmed brand in national and international field, to plan and make this new high performance machine family. The "SRS" meets the "state of the art" in the twin shaft machine families, adding all mechanical and electronic devices able to overcome the technical limitations that till today this kind of machine philosophy has met. From these two new challenges that the market has requested us, the "SRS" series has been projected. To hit this "target", all mechanical and in special way electronic new technologies has been applied on this machine family, as the high speed multi level communication network from/to all electronic devices. These communication networks are able to support a host computer or modem connection for a remote control service. The "Motion Control" is managed by Vector Motors linked with a customized communication network. Concerning the operator interface, it has been supported by a wide colour high definition tactile screen "Touch Screen", able to manage all machine parameters in easy and intuitive way.

http:/www.expopage.net - http://www.plast09.org

Website: http://www.plast09.org

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DRUPA 2008 - DÜSSELDORF - Germany

From: 29-05-2008 until: 11-06-2008

Temac goes to the Exhibition Drupa 2008 (Hall 12 Stand E40) with the new series of slitter rewinder SRS 850/S. The machine joins the best of the simplicity and flexibility to the extremely compact design with single front work side. The new series is able to work a great number of flexible materials and satisfy the more diversified demands.
All machine controls are managed by wide colour “Touch Screen” unit. This unit is able to store all machine parameters and several work menus for an easy and quick machine set-up.
You can find all technical data in the Temac products.

Website: http://www.drupa.com

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SYSKEVASIA 2008 - ATHEN - Greece

From: 14-03-2008 until: 18-03-2008

14 - 18 Marzo 2008
Atene - Expoathens

ARIS BISAKIS Greece Representative Importer

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K2007 - DÜSSELDORF - Germany

From: 24-10-2007 until: 31-10-2007

The continuous technological development followed by Temac S.r.l. in all these years has allowed us to introduce at the next "K" exhibition, where Temac will be present in the Hall 3 Stand F53 the new Slitter Rewinder SRS 962/S 4 M. This machine join in the best way the higher global performances with an extremely refined construction of all electronic and mechanic parts using only the best technologies available today. The main technical data of this model are:

Useful width up to 1.700 mm.
Maximum batch roll diameter 1000 mm.
Maximum rewound roll diameter 600 mm.
Max machine speed 600 mt/min.
Unwinding film tension managed in fully automatic way by A.C. servo motor assembled on a fully hydraulic "Shaftless" unwinding group.
Fully clutched rewinding shafts with ball spheres system managed by independent A.C. servo motors.
Motorized "Laser" card board positioning system managed by "Brushless" motor.
Fully computerized wide color "Touch Screen" unit assembled on swing out frame for an ergonomic use.

Website: http://www.k-online.de

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SYSKEVASIA 2006 - ATHEN - Greece

From: 07-04-2006 until: 11-04-2006

7-11 Aprile 2006
Atene - Expoathens
rappresentante per la Grecia ARIS BISAKIS Representative Importer

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PLAST 06 - MILAN - Italy

From: 14-02-2006 until: 18-02-2006

Temac presents at Exhibition Plast 06
These machines join the best of flexibility to extremely high performances available on the market. The TTS series is endowed with independent hydraulic unwinding group SHAFTLESS type, with integrated joint table film. The two rewinding stations are managed by fully automatic twin turret system, with automatic counter rotation arms. Besides the TTS series is endowed with two fully automatic ended rolls pusher system and LASER units for the rewinding cardboard positioning aid. The electronic controls used on TTS series are of HIGH END level for a constant reliability in the years. A large LCD colour TOUCH SCREEN unit is able to store all work parameters as works menu for an extremely quick and sharp machine setting. DIGITAL SERVO VECTOR INVERTERS manages all 14 A.C. ASYNCHRONOUS and BRUSHLESS MOTORS. A HIGH SERIAL SPEED COMMUNICATION NETWORK controls all Digital Servo Vector Inverters, PLC and Touch Screen units which manage all machines. On request it’s possible to control these machines by MODEM for a TOTAL REMOTE CONTROL and DIRECT ASSISTANCE. These machines are able to work film, coex, laminated and also paper and aluminium foils using a special pneumatic circular knives system. On request it’s possible to use a fully automatic and computerized circular blade positioning system.

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